Bravo 12v Air Pump Inflator Twin Pump BTP12 Manometer

Bravo 12v Air Pump Inflator Twin Pump BTP12 Manometer

$179.99 (as of May 4, 2019, 12:02 am)

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BTP 12 Manometer: This pump features twin pumps which switch automatically at the appropriate pressure – a high volume turbine pump and a high pressure piston pump. Pressure is monitored and controlled by a round manometer gauge located on the top of the pump. Excellent quality pump from a well know Italian brand. Perfect for inflating and deflating boat, ribs and dinghies as well as SUP boards, kayaks, air beds and swimming pools.

These pumps are very well made and therefore are extremely reliable and robust. They make the assembly of any inflatable item much easier. They are designed to be used on items with larger air capacities such as boats and swimming pools. It comes with leads and clips so it can be connected directly to a 12 V battery; it cannot
however be used with a cigarette lighter socket.

Comes complete with universal nozzels which will fit most push on valves up to 16mm diameter.