Cleveland Golf- Ladies Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge Graphite

Cleveland Golf- Ladies Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge Graphite

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Cleveland Lady Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge with Graphite Shaft The Cleveland Lady Smart Sole 2.0 Wedge features two models that are designed as Super Game Improvement wedges. The refined sole designs allow for smooth turf interaction, promote cleaner contact, and also increase playability from all turf conditions around the green. The premium black satin finish reduces glare, creates contrast between the ball and wedge for alignment, and gives the club a premium look with great bag appeal. The improved Feel Plaque helps to place more of the weight around the perimeter of the club for more forgiveness and greater consistency on all shots. It also helps to dampen vibration for a buttery smooth feel. Eliminate the chunked wedge. The refined wide and forgiving sole of the Smart Sole C promotes crisp and clean contact for more consistent chip shots from any lie around the green. This club also performs great on full shots from 125 yards and in. Never again will you have to endure the embarrassment of being stuck in the bunker for 2, 3, or 4 shots. The Smart Sole S offers a forgiving sole with the right amount of bounce and loft to get the ball out of the bunker on your first swing. Additional features: Finish: black satin Shaft: Traction Wedge Flex Grip: Winn 588 Model C: Loft: 42 deg Lie: 66 deg Length: 33″ Swing weight: C6 Model S: Loft: 58 deg Lie: 64 deg Length: 34.25″ Swing weight: C8.5