Epoch Generation 6 C30 iQ9 30″ Shaft

Epoch Generation 6 C30 iQ9 30″ Shaft

$139.99 (as of May 3, 2019, 10:20 pm)

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Epoch pushed their engineers harder than ever in developing the Dragonfly Gen. 6 line. And with the introduction of Torque Box Technology, they’ve once again reinvented the lacrosse shaft. It’s their greatest increase in shaft technology to-date. The Dragonfly Gen. 6 C30 is a favorite of lacrosse players at the highest level of the game. The concave geometry with slip/grip coating offers a familiar feel and perfect grip. The advanced composite materials offer more whip, more power and more strength when passing or shooting. The biggest improvement in the Gen. 6 is the introduction of Torque Box Technology – a technology that keeps the shaft from flattening out under heavy load. It gives every movement more power because less energy is lost in the swinging motion. Picture it like this. As a lacrosse shaft moves during the act of shooting or passing, the force generated puts stress on the fibers, causing the shaft to flex. As a conventional shaft flexes, the natural geometry of the shaft can change, initiating ovalization and the loss of energy. Torque Box along with proprietary A.C.L technologies aims to eliminate this change in shape. It works by varying the lengths of specific carbon fiber layers and focusing the weight through the center of the shaft. This optimizes the transfer of energy in the shaft, maximizing performance and playability. Epoch Lacrosse builds one of the best shafts available.The Gen. 6 Dragonfly is designed for elite players who want extreme performance. By using the latest material and technology, they’ve crafted a shaft with exceptional design consistency and material integrity, resulting in performance previously unseen in the game.