Kick Foosball Table Legend, 55 In

Kick Foosball Table Legend, 55 In

$559.85 (as of May 3, 2019, 7:55 pm)

Extremely Durable and Elegant
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About Kick Foosball Tables

Foosball is back! Our founder, a 25-year veteran of the sport and a recognized Foosball enthusiast, dreamed of a high-quality game table that other Foosball lovers could enjoy- without the high price. After years of research, design and development, KICK was born, creating a new standard in Foosball tables. Our team of industrial engineers have specially tailored each piece in our collection to ensure effective and satisfying game play at 40-50% off! Choose from a range of stylish options to fit your lifestyle and your game. With quick and easy assembly guaranteed, KICK it old-school style and get your very own KICK Foosball Table today!

About The Kick Legend Foosball Table

With its swooping lines and warm chestnut color, you can see why the Kick Legend 55″ Foosball Table is the best-selling piece in our collection. The fine wood grain complements any decor that everyone in the family will love while the ebony legs add a touch of grandeur. Add its precise player control, excellent field play balance and specially designed, easy dribbling Foosball men, you can be sure the Kick Legend will deliver an unforgettable game experience. Enjoy two sets of players in red and blue and 1- or 3-men goalie. Buy this superb Foosball Table today!

Technical Specifications:

-55″ Legend Foosball Table
-Dimension:55″ L X 30″ W X 34″ H
-Sturdy leg levelers to ensure flat surface
-Convenient front ball return on each end of table
-Slide scoring mounted on each end of table
-1 goalie design or 3 goalie design (Depends on assembly)
-8 Chrome plated player rods
-2 Foosball Balls (Soccer Style)
-11 Blue and 11 Red Foosball Men (Home & Away)
-Free Shipping
-Same Day Shipping

Extremely Durable and Elegant
Free Same Day Shipping
KICK Brand Quality
Easy Assembly & Directions
Dimension:55″ L X 30″ W X 34″ H