Ladies Raptors Lifting Shoe

Ladies Raptors Lifting Shoe

$90.00 (as of May 3, 2019, 10:49 pm)

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Ryderwear Raptors were designed specifically for the weights room, where good grip, support, and a solid foundation is more important than energy return and bounce. Raptors have fierce styling and clean minimalist lines that support and protect the foot and ankle area without excess padding or lift, so you can get the full range of motion you need. These shoes are ideal for free weights, weight machines, and other workouts where being light on your feet is essential. Many customers wear Raptors for boxing & muay thai training, amongst other martial arts. The ultimate training shoe suited for hardcore gym sessions or boxing/MMA. FEATURES: Ultra flexible body. Flat foot and durable rubber outer sole, perfect for squats/weights. Inner latex comfort heel support. Metal detailing.